Elwin Rijken Productions
artwork: illustrations, cartoons, storyboards, moodboards, murals, webart and animations.
filmwork: directing, camerawork and editing and visual effects

update 23-11-2015: My latest shortmovie starring Dutch groovy actor Huub Smit
has it's official poster! Check the shortmovie out on it's premiere at the Eindhovens Film Festival 2015
update 05-10-2015: My shortmovie 'Groene Getuige' / 'Green Witness' has been selected for the Eindhovens Film Festival! I'm very happy and proud to show this movie on this fantastic film festival.

update 05-10-2015: new artwork added!

Hematiet had a fantastic premiere at Broet in Natlab Eindhoven. The movie was later featured on Aintitcool News! Hematiet on Aintitcool

update 11-12-2012: My artwork submission for the Keaton Chronicle Cover Contest won first prize! Juryrapport: "The Damfinos are pleased to announce the winner of our 20th Anniversary Best of The Keaton Chronicle cover design competition. Volume 1 - to be published very shortly - will feature the fabulous work of Elwin Rijken. Many congratulations Elwin!"

update 08-11-2011: My short film "Poppetje" won best film in the 'One Minute Film competition!'